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The Core

The Core can be the brains of any (mobile) robot. It is our easy-to-use high-performance controller. Simply attach your sensors and actuators, and you’ll have your robot up and running in no-time. Model-based programming in MATLAB Simulink allows you to easily create new applications on the Core, either using our available block library or by creating your own.

The Core does not only provide control functionalities, it also provides your robot localization through the built-in GPS and IMU modules. For more demanding applications, we have developed our localization product line .

Electronics & software


Two M4F Cortex real-time cores
Raspberry Pi 3 module
Flow sensor
Standard GNSS module (GPS-receiver)
Dual 9 DOF IMU and barometer
UWB-ready (Decawave receiver module)
Wireless link for programming (2.4 GHz Xbee)
Ports for new equipment: I2C, SPI, 2 UART, CAN and USB, 5V & 2GPIO, VBATT 5A