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Vertex drone

research system

Even more complex than robots on the ground, are airborne robots. That is why we have created our own drone, equipped with the Core as its brains the Vertex. The Vertex allows you to quickly apply drones in your industry. It combines the ease of programming of the Core, the accurate localization of our positioning systems and extremely reliable autonomous flight.


The Vertex is a modular quadcopter platform which allows you to develop your own application quickly and hassle-free. Simply attach your own sensors or actuators and make desired changes to any part of the software through MATLAB Simulink (or C-code) using our tool suite.

The Vertex is the ultimate platform that allows for rapid development of new drone applications, testing of new sensors and validation of novel control algorithms.



1. Add a small robotic arm to the Vertex to waiter your guests.
2. Analyze the 3D sound profile of a highway by attaching a sound sensor.
3. Validate your new Model Predictive Controller by extending computational capability and implementing the algorithm in MATLAB Simulink.

Flying & mechanical specifications

Flighttime: 25 minutes
Dimensions operational (lxbxh): 0.53 x 0.53 x 0.15 (m)
Dimensions transport (lxbxh): 0.29 x 0.29 x 0.13 (m)
Mass (with/without batteries): 1300/900 (g)
Motor mount: 19x16 (mm)
Maximum payload in center of mass: 800 (g)
Maximum payload off-center: 500 (g)

Electronics & software


Two M4F Cortex real-time cores
Raspberry Pi 3 module
8 megapixel CSI camera
Flow sensor
Standard GNSS module (GPS-receiver)
Dual 9 DOF IMU and barometer
UWB-ready (Decawave receiver module)
Lidar for height measurement (range 12 meter, accuracy ~1-2%)
Wireless link for programming (2.4 GHz Xbee)
Ports on the drone for new equipment: I2C, SPI, 2 UART, CAN and USB, 5V & 2GPIO, VBATT 5A
Battery 4000 mAh 4S LiPo at 14.8 V with 59.2 Wh capacity
Additions Sonar sensor and RTK GPS module (at additional cost)