The Core

The Core is the brains of the Vertex drone platform, but is also available as a separate independent brain for every new (mobile) robot. Simply attach your own sensors or actuators and make desired changes to any part of the software through MATLAB Simulink (or C-code) using our tool suite. 

The Vertex drone platform

The Vertex is a modular quadcopter platform which allows you to develop your own application quickly and hassle-free. With the Core as its brain, the Vertex allows for rapid development of new drone applications, testing of new sensors and validation of novel control algorithms.

The Positioning Systems

An important part of proper drone performance is its positioning; if the drone doesn't know its position, any application or test will run into problems. The positioning systems work seamlessly with the Vertex and Core, providing highly accurate data both in- and outdoors. There are currently two positioning systems: RTK (based on RTK GPS) and UWB (based on Ultra-Wideband technology). 

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