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Engineering Services

Making (building) complex mobile robotics accessible to everyone.

Our team of highly-skilled engineers can help you with anything robot-related. From robotizing your vehicle or project, to creating a custom robotic solution for your application specifically.

Using our products -the Core, positioning systems and exceptional control software- we’re able to offer our customers high-tech robotics at a very competitive price. We have created the essential technologies to develop location-aware and autonomously moving robots and can use this technology in all robotic projects for our customers. This in return improves robustness and further reduces development time as extensive usage enables us to constantly keep improving.

Let us design a custom PCB for you so it meets your requirements and enables you to flash all the software made on the Core platform. This saves costs on hardware, enables lighter design and enables using custom shapes in order to fit the PCB to your hardware. Our licensing lets you use the PCB’s design files, while using your own suppliers and component management system for production.

Let us create a custom interface for you when the Avular interface on the Core isn’t sufficient for your application. We can create an interface based on the backend of our stack, tailored to your specific needs. 

Engineering services with

the Core

Let us develop a custom robot for you from beginning to end, tailored to your specific needs. We can guide you through the entire development process, starting at requirement definition up to actual production of your robot. We can design, build and implement to your individual needs, from mechanics, electronics, sensors, control and software. We’re also able to build on existing vehicles or projects and implement our products to ease your future development.

Let us develop custom controllers for you that can be used with the Core, on your own systems. You’ll be able to use state-of-the-art control and observer design. Our team of highly-skilled engineers consists of control engineers from different research groups of the Eindhoven University of Technology such as the control groups of the Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments. These talented engineers enable us to use the latest controller designs for dynamic and electrical systems. Our PhDs and students ensure a close connection to the university and access to the latest control technologies.

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