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Verax Positioning Systems

An important part of any mobile or airborn robotic performance is its positioning; if the system does not know where it is, any application or test will run into problems. The Verax positioning systems work seamlessly with our Curiosity Core and Aerial Curiosity, providing highly accurate data both in- and outdoors.

Our Verax RTK system is assisting the Curiosity Core’s GPS to provide pinpoint accuracy outdoors.

The Verax Ultra-WideBand system is small, easy to set-up, and even accurate beyond line of sight. Everything you need for long-range navigation, both indoors and outdoors.

Our upcoming Verax IR system is the most accurate and scalable. Providing not only position, but also orientation information. Industry-leading performance allowing for swarm robotics at high speeds.


Verax RTK System

Survey large agricultural fields
Inspect construction areas from above
Discover weaknesses of wind mills
Decide which tanks you should maintain next

Technical specifications Verax RTK System

Range: 500+ meters
Accuracy: 2,5 centimeters + 1 ppm distance


Verax UWB System

Scan products in your warehouse
Create your own drone light show
Measure a parking garage inside and out 
Inspect the foundation of a bridge

Technical specifications Verax UWB System

Range: 70 meters
Accuracy: 15 centimeters

Amount of beacons in a single set: 4