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Enabling mobile robotics

Using our Core, localization systems and Vertex drone platform you can easily create and apply your own (mobile) robot. Reduce your development time and explore what our state-of-the-art robotics technology has to offer you. Within weeks, you can drive around a field or fly through your own production hall.

Are you...

A mechanical designer who would like to create innovative designs for robotic platforms?


Come get a cup of coffee at our office in Eindhoven, because we are hiring and looking for you!

A robot's brain: The Core

The Core can be the brains of any (mobile) robot. It is our easy-to-use high-performance controller. Simply attach your sensors and actuators, and you’ll have your robot up and running in no-time. 

Positioning systems

Our positioning systems work seamlessly with our Core and Vertex, providing highly accurate data both in- and outdoors.

Vertex drone platform

The Vertex is a modular quadcopter platform which allows you to develop your own application quick and easy. With the  Core as its brain, it allows for rapid development, testing of new sensors and validation of novel control algorithms.

Engineering services

Our team of highly-skilled engineers can help you with anything robot-related. From robotizing your vehicle or project, to creating a custom robotic solution for your application specifically.

Research & projects

Relevant innovation is driven by cases from industry and understanding industry is achieved by cooperating with leading experts in their respective fields. 


Can you create the most efficient code and  know the inner workings of embedded platforms?

Or are electronic parts your building blocks and would you like to design the hardware of the future?

Or can you create innovative mechanical designs that are light-weight yet unbreakable, manufacturable and cost-efficient?